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Stellen Sie Ihr Team vor, indem Sie einen Überblick darüber geben, was es tut, wann es beigetreten ist und wie sein Fachwissen Ihre Marke prägt.

I have followed a style of learning that has been the driving force of my “street smarts” education. For entrepreneurial creative types, thought, focus and problem solving is always easier in real world applications, rather than theoretical or tutorial type education. Give me an actual project with a categorical list of objectives, something that I am interested in, and I will thrive on the research and problem solving until I can accomplish it.

BuilderCreator TT school is based around that style of learning, but accelerated when the student's limitations (i.e. money, tools and facilities) are provided and interesting projects are placed before them.
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  • We will be pushing a hard pressed work schedule, but also be taking Sundays off to visit/explore the beauty of southern Oregon

  • I am working to provide modern machinery, i.e. a large format 3D printer and 5 axis CNC machine to streamline workflow.

  • And of course, our time together will be recorded to produce a multi episode documentary. Netflix perhaps?

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How the school/process will work:

Described by Jay Jarvie, the founder of this organization/project:

I and an informal board of advisors will select a group of 7 students and 3 reserves to participate in each round (semester) of BCTT school. These groups will work collaboratively, via the internet, in selecting a project, defining the scope of the project and organizing the execution of that project. These projects will then be developed in CAD/simulation environment, again working collaboratively over the internet, for approximately 4- 6 months. At the end of this design time, all the students will be flown to the BuilderCreator Studios, where they will participate in the actual fabrication/assembly of the project. This build time will be a highly condensed work schedule, where work on the project will take place 24 hours a day for 2 weeks. There will be no schedule. If you get tired, you stop and sleep. If you get hungry, you find something to eat. Sleeping accommodation and catering will be provided.

I will act as the project facilitator and advisor. During the design phase, students will be assigned to act as an individual specialists and/or executor in such functions as welding, electrical, composites, team leader, etc., with responsibilities within those functions controlled by them in the design phase and in the actual build.

It is hoped that these finished projects can be sold (or licensed) to help fund further rounds (semesters) of the BCTT school.